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EM-100F Power wheelchair with remote control folding

A strong and tough electric wheelchair with dual motors that can easily navigate any terrain is the Elevate Mobility EM-100F.

Its user-friendly design, adjustable joystick settings, and numerous storage options enable it to be utilized in both electric and manual modes.

The wheelchair has an off-vehicle rechargeable long-range lithium-ion battery that has a 13-mile range.

The EM-100F is lightweight and small, folding up conveniently for transportation despite its heavy-duty capabilities. It may be used both inside and outside thanks to its great steering and compact turning radius.

The frame, motor, and joystick controller of the wheelchair are covered by a one-year warranty; the battery is covered by a six-month warranty.

Overall, the Elevate Mobility EM-100F power chair is robust and adaptable to all types of terrain.



The Elevate EM-100F can maneuver through doors and around tight places with ease because of its 32-inch turning radius, which makes it ideal for indoor use. Excellent mobility results from its quick steering's lack of dead spots. using only one finger, you can steer and drive your EM-100F Power Chair using the innovative 360-degree joystick with all-directions.


The EM-100F is equipped with superior 250Wx2 twin motors with massive torque and power, capable of tackling any type of road and climbing severe slopes. The Elevate Mobility EM-100F is easy to operate on varied terrains because to its posi-traction features. There is also an electromagnetic brake for safety.


As a US-based company, we provide our customers with gold-standard customer service. The Elevate Mobility EM-100F is covered by a one-year frame guarantee, a one-year motor and joystick controller warranty, and a six-month battery warranty.

The Elevate EM-100F has a formidable 500W motor that will never let you down on grass, ramps, sand, mud, snow, uneven roads, and more

The Elevate EM-100F - All Terrain Foldable Electric Wheelchair for Adults with Long Range and Portability -

Elevate Mobility is a US-based firm dedicated to providing the greatest mobility goods as well as excellent US service. The EM-100F is a next-generation, high-end, foldable electric power wheelchair. It has manual/electric dual-mode switching, a 360-degree intelligent controller, and an electromagnetic braking mechanism that comes to a complete stop for safety.

Em-100F beautifully designed frame is built for comfort and can accommodate people weighing up to 330 pounds. It meets and exceeds users' increasing demands and expectations for independence, mobility, and comfort. The wheelchair is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, has an outstanding turning radius, and is equipped with 8" wheels and 12.5" rear wheels for off-roading.

The EM-100F weighs around 64 lbs (without the battery) and has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. It has a travel speed of 4 MPH (configurable) and a maximum ascending slope of 12°. The battery is a super lithium-ion LiFePO4 type with a capacity of 24V 12AH and a voltage output of DC 24V. Off-board charging is possible with the detachable battery.

propelled by 250W*2 motors with a DC 24V motor voltage and an AC 100-220V, 50-60Hz controller. The output voltage is DC 24V, 2A, and the charging time is 6-8 hours. The turning circle is 33", and the ground clearance is 3.7". The box's measurements are 30" x 18" x 33"

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EM-100F remote folding

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